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Foam Starter Set


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NEW: Foam food starter set

Content: 2x seneoPro SPUMAinstant 110g, 1x 0,5l isi cream whipper, 1x 24er capsules, 1 isi, funnel sieve , recipe broschure
Use the starterset to start producing foam food. The set includes lt two cans SPUMAinstant (110g) for the easy preration of stable food foams. Thnaks to the easy use in combnation with a cream whipper  you can produce complete menus as foam food with  SPUMAinstant.
Information about seneoPro SPUMAinstant (110g):
Ingredients: maltodextrin, gelling agent methylcellulose, stabilizer xanthan gum
Product information:
– use with up to  50% oil
– universal use, quick and easy
– neutral taste, suitable for any food
– Foam food can be made with cream whipoer and hand blender.
Dosing instruction: Add  measuring spoon SPUMAinstant into 500 ml until the powder is completely dissolved. Add 2 capsules to the cream whipper and wait for 5 minutes to serve. Alternatively, use an electrical blender at high speed for 10 to 15 minutes until the foam is developed


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