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VISCOclear 3.6 kg bucket

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Xanthan-based thickener for safe thickening of food & beverages. A 3.6kg bucket is sufficient for up to 360 litre liquid to be thickened, incl. measuring spoon.

Net content: 3.6 kg


Maltodextrin, stabilizer xanthan, carrier erythritol

Easy preparation:

Depending on the required degree of thickening, add 1 to 3 measuring spoons to a glass (syrup-like (IDDSI level 1), nectar-like (IDDSI level 2) pudding-like (IDDSI level 3)).

Add 100 ml of liquid and stir slowly until the powder is completely dissolved. Leave to stand for 2 to 3 minutes until the desired degree of thickening is reached.


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